Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter Review

Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter Review

Purchasing a quality faucet mount water filter can help promote a healthy living environment because it can reduce the number of contaminants in your tap water.

In addition to this, having a durable water filter for your faucet can also save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

There are many factors you need to consider before choosing the best faucet water filter for your home. You should keep in mind the filter’s capacity, size, and cost, as well as the amount of water your house or office uses on daily basis.

Durability and the cost of the replacement filters should also be atop of your list. You’ll want to find a filter that is easy to install and maintain, and that will not take up a huge amount of space when attached to your faucet.

Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter Package

In light of this, we would like to call your attention to the Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System, which features all the attributes mentioned above and many more. This fantastic water filter can help you guarantee clean drinking and cooking water, regardless of where it’s used.

  • Filter capabilities - 100 gallons
  • Filter life - 4 Months
  • Contaminants reduced - Asbestos, lead, tastes and odors, atrazine, benzene, lindane, and bacterial cysts
  • Installation method - No tools required, features a 5 step installation process

As a brand, Brita has launched several awareness campaigns to help spread the word about water filters. They have also manufactured one of the most efficient faucet mount filters that help remove bad tastes and odors often associated with tap water.

The Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System can help reduce or completely remove any traces of a huge array of pollutants. These include asbestos, lead, chlorine tastes and odors, atrazine, benzene, lindane, and microbial cysts, in addition to common herbicides and pesticides.

Moreover, each filter replacement has a capacity to purify up to 100 gallons of water, which can allegedly replace up to 750 common 16.9 ounces plastic water bottles. This is beneficial to the environment and will save you a considerable amount of money down the line.

Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter Package Front Side

The faucet mount filter has an integrated mechanism that alerts you when your filter needs to be replaced. Each filter can last up to four months, and whenever it is on its last legs, the built-in LED light changes from green to yellow.

When your filter finally needs replacing, the light will turn from yellow to red. Subsequently, after you replace the filter, you will notice the light will change back to green, indicating that it’s working properly.

Replacing the individual filter units is also fairly easy and should not take more than a few minutes.

The Brita water filter is designed with end users and sustainability in mind. You can easily change the settings to either filtered water for cooking or drinking, and unfiltered water for all other usages, which will make each filter last longer.

Another great feature found in the Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System is the ability to select different flow settings. Although filtered water is only delivered in a small stream, you can choose the spray or stream functions for unfiltered water.

Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System On White Background

This poses a huge advantage when carrying out tasks that don’t require drinking water, such as washing dishes or watering plants.

The Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter can be easily installed and does not require any tools. The 5 step process is clearly outlined in the user’s manual, and boasts of audible clicks that are designed to reassure users that they are installing it properly.

Having received certifications by recognized entities such as WQA's Gold Seal, as well as NSF and ANSI Standards 42 and 53, you can rest assured that this water filter will make a perfect addition to your home or business.

Although it features a basic design, the Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System offers a great alternative because of its efficiency, durability, and price tag.

What We Like

Besides launching awareness campaigns, Brita is known for producing quality faucet mount water filters. According to some reviews found online, the five-step installation process is very easy and does not require any tools.

Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter Features And Convenience

The On Tap Faucet Water Filter System is also known to dispense filtered water at a faster pace than most competitors. Moreover, customers appreciated the ability to increase the water flow for unfiltered water so they could wash dishes as if the filter was not installed.

Other reports also praised the Brita water filter for being more compact than other popular brands. This allows more maneuverability when doing dishes, especially when washing pots and larger kitchen accessories.

Finally, the Brita faucet mount filter received good reviews for its simple design and effective water filtering. Numerous reports stated that the water tastes much better once filtered, especially when compared to more expensive and complicated filters.

What We Don’t Like

The Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System also had negative feedback from some consumers. For instance, some users claimed that the attachment itself caused high pressure levels, which in turn caused water to splash all over their kitchen.

Other users also noted that the plastic connector that links the filter to the faucet was likely to break months after buying the On Tap Faucet Water Filter System.

Lastly, some users reported difficulties replacing the filter units, so they were forced to remove the whole system in order to properly position the replacement filter inside.

Buying Advice

The best place to purchase the Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System is through Amazon as it offers the most competitive price, starting at just above $40.

Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System

You will also be able to enjoy free shipping and have the replacement filters delivered directly to your doorstep. If you want to have a bit of security, you can add 3-year protection for roughly $6.

Final Word

When compared to other faucet mount filters, On Tap Faucet Water Filter System offers a reliable and compact option suitable for all scenarios.

The Brita faucet filter received 4.2 or 5-star reviews from a whopping 75% of customers, and when you combine this with its water filtering ability, it's’ no wonder it gets our seal of approval.


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